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Above we showcase just some of the many Stationery products we can supply branded with your logo.

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Promotional Stationery Products (Notebooks, notepads, pens, magnets, mouse mats, sticky notes)

Promotional stationery gives your business the chance to be creative and provide you with brand exposure. People love getting free stationery because there’s always a need for sticky notes or notebooks.

You can use promotional stationery products for:

–   Trade shows

–   Conferences

–   Business meetings

–   Client gifts

–   Staff onboarding

YAY! Promos has a whole range of stationery items that can be branded with your company’s logo. The best part about stationery is that it comes in all different forms and it’s an inexpensive marketing tool.

YAY! Promos Promotional Stationery Products (Notebooks, notepads, pens, magnets, mouse mats, sticky notes)

Mouse pads

Whether people are working in the office or at home, everyone needs a mousepad for their computer, so a branded mouse pad is a great way to get your name on people’s desks. They’ll be constantly reminded of your company every time they use their computer, which is most likely on a daily basis. Providing company mouse pads to all your staff creates a professional looking office space and unified office décor. Employees will also feel part of a team.


Promotional notebooks are one of the most popular promotional products. They are great to use as a journal, to write daily notes, meeting notes, reminders and more. Branded notebooks are a great brand reminder because so many of us use them at home, at work, for study, for cooking and much more. Notebooks are also an easy giveaway either in person or posted to a client as a gift.


Custom fridge magnets help increase brand recognition as people will see it every time, they open their fridge. Magnets are one of those products that you don’t think about buying but enjoy it when a free one is given to you because you need them to stick things to the fridge door including postcards or shopping lists. Magnetic shopping lists are a great promotional product too because it serves both purposes.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are a great promotional product because even though we can keep notes on computers and phones, there is still a need for sticky notes. People need sticky notes to leave themselves reminders or for other people at home or in the office. Whether it’s reminding your children to take their lunch box to school or to keep track of work tasks or assignments, sticky notes are an incredibly useful product. Plus, people will be reminded of your brand every time they look at a sticky note with your logo on it.

What are the advantages of using promotional stationery products?

Good for companies with small marketing budget

If you have just started your own business, then it’s unlikely that you have a huge marketing budget. Promotional stationery is an effective way to promote your brand and is inexpensive.

Fun and useful

Some people love stationery and it makes them happy to be able to organise their work or home life. While other people might not find stationery so thrilling, it is nevertheless useful and the more useful your promotional products are the more likely they will get used and increase your brand exposure.

Build relationships

Stationery is great for sending to clients to help nurture existing relationships and build loyalty. You can also use your branded notebooks as giveaways at trade shows to entice businesses to your website. Branded notebooks can also be used at conferences where you can put business cards inside and write reminder notes about your new contacts for when you get back to the office.