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Above we showcase just some of the many promotional bags we can supply branded with your logo.

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Promotional Bags Australia (tote bags, backpacks, lunch bags, shopping bags, wine bags, cooler bags)

Bags are an extremely useful product and it’s also a great promotional tool. Your offline marketing strategy is just as important as your online one, and bags are a walking billboard for your business.

There are so many types of bags that there’s bound to be the right bag to suit your brand. Whether you’re promoting your brand on a tote bag or a backpack, you’re gaining more exposure for your brand. When people walk around with their backpack on or swinging a tote bag over their shoulder, people will see it.

YAY! Promos has a range of high-quality bags that you have your brand’s logo printed on in a range of styles and designs.

YAY! Promos branded bags (tote bags, backpacks, lunch bags, shopping bags, wine bags, cooler bags)

Having your brand printed on a bag is both a versatile and affordable marketing strategy. Below are some of the promotional bags that we offer that can have your brand printed on them.

More clients are wanting environmentally friendly products so bags are a more sustainable and ethical product.

Tote bags

Tote bags are great because they’re multi-purpose and fashionable. People use tote bags to carry their gym clothes, to put their groceries in and even as an alternative to carrying a handbag. They’re also reusable which means your brand can be exposed to a large amount of people. Branded tote bags are the most popular style of giveaway bag at trade shows, conferences, university open days or just when you need a general showbag.


Backpacks are great for commuters, students and travellers so your brand can be exposed not only domestically but overseas. Having your logo front-and-centre on a backpack is prime real estate for your custom printed company logo. Backpacks are comfortable and convenient to carry so they’ll be used often.

Cooler bags

Promotional cooler bags are popular all year round. Whether the cooler bag is used to keep groceries cool, keeping lunch fresh or taken to the beach for a picnic in summer, your branded cooler bag will be on display wherever the person takes it. Cooler bags are a great promotional giveaway prize.

What are the advantages of using promotional bags?

Design branded bags grab people’s attention and if people have used your products or services before it’s a way of reminding them of your existence. Below are a few key advantages of choosing bags to promote your brand.

High retention

One in two people own a promotional product that they wear or carry around with them on a regular basis, according to a study done by Promotional Products Association International. Things that you can wear or carry appeal to people. Bags are a great way to convey memorable information. Put your logo where people will see it, such as on a bag.

Low cost

It doesn’t cost much at all to get custom print bags and once they’re in circulation, you won’t have to keep paying for them, unlike print or tv advertising. Whether you give bags away as a freebie or sell them, the value of your investment goes up the longer it stays in circulation.


The great thing about promotional bags is that they resonate with people across different age groups, socio-economic groups, occupations and gender. It’s easy to choose a gender neutral design that both men and women will use. Even if people don’t love bags, they need bags.

Eco friendly

Reusable eco promotional bags are popular when made with cotton, bamboo or jute. These materials are better for the environment when they are manufactured without dyes, are high quality and durable. They also look great as bags in their raw state. By showcasing your logo on a quality promotional eco bag, your brand will be on show to more of the population as eco bags are the most popular style.