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Above we showcase just some of the many Corporate Gifts products we can supply branded with your logo.

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Corporate Promotional Products (Umbrellas, glassware, keyrings, cheese boards, hampers, travel gifts, wine gift packs)

While social media, print and tv advertisements are all useful, promotional products are often overlooked. Giving out free corporate promotional products can be a very powerful tool for your business and either maintain existing relationships with clients or create new relationships. People use promotional products all the time, especially if they serve a useful purpose, such as an umbrella or a wine glass.

YAY! Promos has a range of corporate promotional products that are perfect for thank you gifts, Christmas presents or just as a way to reach out to people.

YAY! Promos corporate promotional products (umbrellas, glassware, keyrings, cheese boards, hampers, travel gifts, wine gift packs)


Hampers are a great corporate promotional product because it reaches your client directly. They contain a variety of products so there’s bound to be something in there that they’ll appreciate and use. The message you want to convey to the client can be done while they enjoy your basket of goodies.

Wine gift packs

Branded wine gift packs are a great way to present a premium quality gift to your staff and clients. Choose from a range of premium wine options and combine it with our high-quality wine glasses like Spiegelau and Reidel that we can brand with your logo.

Travel gifts

For clients and staff who travel a lot for business or have VIP guests who visit your office, providing branded travel gifts is an effective way to say thank you and as a brand reminder. From passport wallets to eye masks to luggage tags and more, a branded travel gift will leave an impression.


Umbrellas are a very useful gift because not only will your brand’s logo be seen when people walk around in the rain but it’ll keep the person dry. People appreciate corporate products that have a purpose and quality umbrellas are like walking billboards for your company. Branded umbrellas are great for the home, car, sporting events or the office.


Whether it’s water glasses or wine glasses, glassware is a great corporate promotional product because you know that they’ll get used. People will be reminded of your company every time they have a sip of water and when glassware is made well, it creates a professional look for your business.

Cheese boards

Cheese boards are a highly popular promotional product when branded with your logo. The cheese board will have a subtle engraving of your logo that creates a sophisticated yet subtle statement of your brand. Cheese boards are a great Christmas gift or thank you gift to staff and clients.

Why are corporate promotional products important?

Works like a business card

Instead of handing out a business card, a corporate promotional product is a much more subtle way of passing on your contact information. While a business card might get lost in a person’s wallet among the other business cards they’ve been given, promotional products can be used. Potential clients are more likely to remember your name from a product rather than a card that can get lost easily.

Customer Loyalty

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. A free corporate product with your name on it can make your customers happy especially if the product is high quality. They’ll be more likely to use your products or services and recommend you to people they know. This increases your number of sales.

Brand recognition

Corporate promotional products are a great way for potential customers to recognise your business. If the product is useful to them, they will hold onto it and carry it around with them. For example, if you gave out branded power banks, they are such a useful and handy promotional gift for anyone that is on the move. If their phone battery runs low, they use the branded power bank you gave them to re-charge their phone battery whilst they are in transit and voila, you just saved them the hassle of missed calls or emails.