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Above we showcase just some of the many confectionery products we can supply branded with your logo.

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Promotional Confectionery (mints, lollipops, jellybeans, assorted lollies, chocolate)

Confectionery is often overlooked when it comes to promotional products because people think it doesn’t have the long-lasting visibility of other promotional products, such as pens or notepads. However, confectionery is a sweet way to promote your business, establish customer relationships or as a thank you gift. After all, who doesn’t like confectionery?

From mints to chocolates and lollies, YAY! Promos has a delightful range of sweets including Australian made confectionery options that can be branded with your company’s logo to make you stand out. Imagine you were at a trade expo and one stall was giving out promo pens while the other one was giving out branded packs of M&M’s. We know which one we’d go to first.

YAY! Promos confectionery (mints, lollipops, jellybeans, assorted lollies, chocolate)

Whether you’re looking for confectionery to be given as client gifts or for staff, we have a range of packaging options that we brand with your logo and fill with your choice of confectionery. Below are just a few of our confectionery products.


Mints are a great promotional product because your company’s logo is printed on the packaging and the sharing of mints is quite communal so more people will see your product. Many people keep mint tins for a longer period of time for use at the office or in the car to give fresh breath after a bite to eat, so you’ll get longer brand exposure.


The iconic chocolate treat M&M’s, are a fantastic way to promote your brand. We have a range of unique packaging that we brand with your logo and then fill with delicious M&M’s. A promotional chocolate gift that clients will enjoy and love to receive.


Lollipops are fun and you can get them in a whole range of flavours with your company’s logo printed on the front. If you’re trying to attract a younger clientele or use as a giveaway at a trade show or conference, you can’t go past promotional lollipops.

Mixed lollies

Mixed lollies are great because there’s a higher chance that something in the mix is sure to please everybody. Our mixed lollies come in a range of packaging options including cute, miniature noodle boxes with your company’s logo stuck to the front for maximum exposure.

What are the advantages of using promotional confectionery?

Helps you stand out from the crowd

If you went to a trade show and there were 10 stalls all giving out pens and one was giving out chocolate, which one would be more memorable? While confectionery isn’t the only way to win people over, it definitely helps. Everyone loves confectionery and using unusual flavours, shapes or retro lollies is a much more memorable experience.

Great conversation starter

It’s hard to come by a person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Promotional chocolate giveaways are very popular when used as a drawcard to get clients to leave a business card or their contact details. Having bright coloured promotional confectionery giveaways will attract people to come and chat to you and as thank you for their contact details, you can give them some free confectionery in return.

Great gift idea

Whether you are sending out promotional confectionery to clients for Christmas or surprising staff with some delicious chocolate for a work anniversary, it is a great way to showcase your brand or message. Promotional confectionery and promotional chocolate are also a ‘feel good’ gift as people look forward to the surprise and delight of receiving the promotional treat.