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Above we showcase just some of the many Conference/Trade Show products we can supply branded with your logo.

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Trade Show Giveaways (lanyards, showbags, USBs, Satchels, ID holders, coffee cups, drink bottles, notebooks, confectionery)

There’s no better place to do some marketing for your company than at a trade show. While trade shows aren’t where sales are made, it can be the place where a sale begins and that starts with your interaction with potential clients.

Promotional products make people happy, but it’s about finding the right product to attract people. Clients are beginning to look for products that inspire action, emotion and loyalty for their brand. They also want something that will make them stand out and this can be done by creating a customised product.

Conferences are another big area to showcase your brand. Clothe your conference staff in branded uniforms so when attendees walk into the room, you’ll have your brand front and centre on notepads, pens, notebooks, drink bottles, coffee cups, confectionery, lanyards and more. It’s all about providing useful promotional items that are used long after the conference ends.

YAY! Promos has a number of trade show giveaway items that can be customised with your brand’s logo.

YAY! Promos trade show & conference giveaways (lanyards, showbags, USBs, Satchels, ID holders, coffee cups, drink bottles, notebooks, confectionery)

YAY! Promos has a range of products that you can brand with your company’s logo to be given out at your next trade show or conference. Give people something with purpose, such as a conference satchel, a USB lanyard or coffee cup that they can use on a regular basis.

Why are trade show & conference giveaways important?

Increase booth traffic

Trade show giveaways increase foot traffic to your booth. Remember at a trade show you are competing with dozens of other companies to generate leads. You can get people’s attention by displaying high quality promotional products at your stand. If people see lots of people congregating at your booth, then they’ll be intrigued as to what you’re offering that’s so enticing and will likely want to check it out too.

Improve brand image

People who receive quality promotional giveaways see a company in a more favourable light. If people have a more favourable attitude towards your company, than they’re more likely to consider buying your products or use your services.

People value aesthetically pleasing displays

The way you present your giveaways is important too. Placing them on the table isn’t enough and if your company specialises in selling products, then you’ll know that presentation is as important as the product itself. People will be drawn to your booth when it looks good. Remember to incorporate those promotional items into your display.

Conference attendees provided with useful promo items

When organising your stall at a trade show or conference, you need to think about what will be useful for attendees to receive. By providing branded notebooks, branded pens, branded water, branded drink bottles, branded coffee cups, branded lanyards, branded notepads, branded chocolate, branded confectionery, branded bags, branded power banks and more – these promotional items will ensure that your conference guests are well looked after and they will remember your brand long after the conference has finished because you provided them with quality branded conference giveaways.

How do you master a trade show giveaway?

Trade shows can create awareness of your brand, communicate a message and build goodwill. Before you head to the trade show with loaded up giveaways though, consider the factors below.

Know your audience

Knowing who will be at a trade show can help you determine what kind of giveaways you should have. You might have different giveaways depending on who comes to your booth, such as high-quality gifts for existing customers or prospects and smaller gifts for general passers-by.

Set a goal

What is it that you want people to take away from your giveaways? Is it recognition? To motivate action? To communicate a message? It’s important that your product and the message has an impact on the recipient.

Set criteria

Don’t just hand out giveaways before asking the person approaching your booth a few questions. For example, if one of your giveaway items is a coffee cup and that person doesn’t drink coffee, they aren’t going to use it. Once you’ve established what products they will use, then you can give them a gift as a token of your appreciation for them coming to talk to you.