We have all attended tradeshows and conferences where you get given a bag.

The tradeshow bags or conference bags are the key to your brand. The bag should be functional, reusable and in an ideal world, eco.

By having the right quality tradeshow bag or conference bag that targets the demographic you are wanting to expose your brand to, it means the client associates your product or brand with quality.

Filling your tradeshow bags and conference bags with the right branded corporate gifts is also key in ensuring that your brand is on point with your clients.

Make more of your brand with a clever promotional idea

Long Handle Calico Bags

We are all looking to get our name out there and make our brand remembered for all the right reasons.

That’s where promotional confectionery can do wonders.

Of all the different branded corporate gifts and promotions, confectionery is almost always a guaranteed winner.

It’s easy to see why when you think about it. Your name (and even your slogan) will be associated with something sweet and give an uplifting boost to someone’s day.

It’s little wonder that they will think of your name in a positive way.

It’s a clever alternative to traditional marketing measures and has the potential for a stronger recall of your brand.

Why promotional sweets work so well

There is something special about promotional and branded confectionery. The many reasons this is one of the most powerful marketing approaches includes;

  1. They are suitable for any business or enterprise
  2. Perfect for trade and corporate events and exhibitions
  3. Easy to distribute (including allowing potential customers to help themselves)
  4. True value for money
  5. An eye-catching promotional item
  6. Almost impossible to resist

If you think about different promotional products, especially those available at trade shows and special exhibitions, the easiest items to access are the most popular.

That’s where confectionery wins over nearly everything else.

It’s simple, handy to take and hold, doesn’t take up much space and has a long shelf-life as well.

It is not an uncommon sight to see people walking through an exhibition or corporate event as they partake of a company’s branded confectionery. There’s something almost addictive about having something sweet to savour at what is often a very ‘dry’ occasion.

The other thing about confectionery is it opens the door to a light-hearted and easy introduction about what you and your company offer and how you might be able to help one another.

Having one of the best ice-breakers can be hugely beneficial to the building of a relationship.

How branded showbags and confectionery work

Delivering your promotional products in your very own showbag is one of the most effective marketing tactics you can enlist.

The fact that there is branded confectionery inside as well as any other promotional material you want to get into the hands of potential customers, just adds to the intrigue and interest.

Remembering that for a branded item to work to its full potential, it needs to be memorable. That’s where confectionery is the stand out when it comes to promotional ventures.

Nearly everyone loves a freebie and they can really be a source of strong brand recognition. When that free gift is something edible, then that just adds to the positive association of your brand.

A clever way to get your name out there

It’s not always easy these days to get your brand and logo out to your target market.

There are issues with competing with the wave of other promotional products around and sticking to a realistic budget that gets a return on investment.

Rather than spend a huge amount on traditional marketing exercises and advertising efforts like a huge billboard, the best corporate gifts and branded products can do more to have your name top of mind.

In the case of branded confectionery, your brand is literally on everyone’s lips.

Get your brand, logo and slogan working harder by utilising the best corporate and promotional products around.