There is an added strength to your branding when you use the best quality promotional products Australia has on offer. The fact that they are proudly Australian-made and there are literally hundreds of products to choose from just makes your promotional pull more powerful.

Jute Net Produce Bag

It is important to be remembered for providing a special level of service and being easy to deal with, but using promotional merchandise is a great way to keep your brand name top of mind.

Having repeat clients that you can rely on for ongoing partnerships and the ensuing longer term revenue is a true asset.

The fact that you can help provide a boost to positive word of mouth and reward your clientele with a promotional gift is a Win/Win situation.

The key factor is to make that promotional gift a meaningful one.

The different types of promotional products

Gone are the days of a promotional gift or product being a standard item such as a complimentary coffee cup.

Some promotional ideas are inappropriate for the level of client, for the service you provide and sending a gift that isn’t used or appreciated can actually put your brand in the wrong light.

The whole point is to promote your brand as being one worth remembering and that is why quality is a key to any merchandise with your name on it.

With a wide range of products available, you should be able to find the right promotional product for your field of industry.

Some notable examples can include;• Australian made Sun Visors for an outdoor sporting or lifestyle enterprise• A branded money box for a real estate or financial firm• Promotional cheese or cutting boards for hospitality businesses • Eco pots and Seed stick packs for eco-friendly enterprises• Australian made candles for the wellness industry.

The list is almost endless. 

There are also more generic gifts that can be both fun or festive with your brand then being associated with an upbeat feel. 

These include everything from chocolates and confectionery, hampers and drinkware through to novelty items and stationery.

As long as it is useful and quality made, you are on the right track to putting your brand forward in the best way.

The best promotional products in Australia

You can see different promotional products in almost any office or business in Australia.

The idea that getting your name out there is all you need to do is a mistake too many brands make.

It’s one thing to have your brand and logo on a coffee mug in the back of corporate cupboard. That forgotten item is testament to your name being forgotten.

A frequently used wine cooler bag with your name on it could be a great conversation starter outside of a work environment.

“Where did you get that cooler bag from?”
   “Oh, it was a gift from the company”

“What do they do?”

   “They’re really good at (what your company does)

“Really… I was actually looking for someone who could help us with (what your companydoes)

Suddenly, that conversation is as strong as a well presented sales pitch and you didn’t even have to be there.

It’s easy to see how different scenarios can play out with the simple fact that your quality made promotional merchandise was noticed.

Thinking outside the box

The idea of thinking outside the box is not just about looking beyond the obvious. Remember that there is a special feeling about getting a gift, however small it might be.

The whole point of the exercise is that someone has thought of you and taken the time and trouble to send you a token of their appreciation. It could be as a small thank you or a reminder that you have some importance to them. Enough to have a gift delivered to you.

Adding a note of thanks is always a nice and powerful personal touch and its effect shouldn’t be underestimated.

Whether you send a Xmas or EOFY gift or you just want to remind a client or partner that you are thinking of them, there are many options available to you. 

You can find an whole array of quality and Australian made products from the leading team for the best corporate gifts Australia offers. Make your mark with a branded item that showcases who you are for all the right reasons.