In this day and age, more and more elements of business are moving online. This is especially true for the marketing industry, where digital marketing has become a booming industry all of its own. Creating social media campaigns and leveraging an online presence have become almost mandatory for successful marketing. 

However, there are still plenty of opportunities to be found offline, and there are many ways to connect in person that get missed when the entirety of a brand is online. Although you might do better being entirely online than entirely offline, it is best to have a mix of online and offline strategies. 

Branded Promotional Products

It might seem a little bit old-school but there are still plenty of opportunities to use a physical marketing product in a digital marketing strategy. Branded promotional products can be incredibly diverse, with a range that covers anything from a pen or notebook, to a water bottle with your logo emblazoned on the side. 

With such scope for branded promotional products, there is a great deal of opportunity to use these products in a digital marketing strategy. For instance, creating a skit or reel in which the branded products are used would be a great choice for getting your brand out on social media, meaning you can tailor the product to your personal brand and message. 

For instance, if you are a zero-waste company, or focused on the environment, then using products that are carbon-neutral in skits about cleaning up litter in your local environment would be a good way to integrate promotional products with online marketing strategies. 

If you wanted to create an interactive campaign, you could create a mini-series on social media where you monitor the amount of litter you collect, and if you collect enough of it you give away free zero-waste products. You could even film the attempts to give away the products, and create reels on whether or not people accepted the products, which would also give you information on whether or not people instantly thought your products looked valuable enough to keep. 

A tactic like this means you would be reaching and curating an online following, as well as reaching everyday people going about their business in the offline environment. You would be synergistically using both online and offline strategies to market your business and your brand. 

QR Codes

Another way to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds is to use a physical link to the online – the QR code. This is a scannable code which instantly takes you to your preferred online affiliate link. 

Using a QR code has become fairly common knowledge, so most people are very easily able to interact with them using either the tablet or mobile phone required. This means there isn’t much of a technological barrier, which might be present if you have a similar brand name to other sites, or if you can’t get on the first page of Google search results. 

Using QR codes on your branded promotional products is a great way to promote your business, as it means any time someone thinks of your brand or is using your product, they have the ability to connect directly with your website and with your team. 

Using QR codes on stands or posters can also help to connect the online and offline worlds if you are disseminating information about your product or service. Using a QR code in this way means that the information is available for those who care about it. It also means you don’t have to pick and choose which information will fit on the poster to get put around town. 

QR codes are also excellent for use as a registration tool at events. You can use them to input in names, skills and connections, and then as you scan with others, create a network of people that you have met, and what skills they have that you might need or want. This approach means you have the ability to physically meet the people that you are interested in talking with, and the opportunity to gauge their personality, before deciding whether or not to work with them. 

Finally, QR codes are great for promotions. You can place them on your regular products and have the QR codes be scannable to get great deals with proof of purchase. This means that people will have the ability to hunt for the deals they want, and are more likely to interact with your products than they would be without a promotion. 


Now that you’ve decided to use both online and offline strategies for your marketing campaigns, the choice comes down to which company to use for your branded promotional products. For promotional product companies, you can’t go wrong with Yay!Promos, who have an extensive range of products and are able to create almost any marketable item with your brand on it. To move your marketing into the digital age, contact us today!