The District Docklands –
Santa Claws
Giant Beach Ball

YAY! Promos was asked by The District Docklands to source an oversized beach ball that would compliment a new tourist and shopper Christmas interaction attraction called ‘Santa Claws’.

The concept of the Santa Claws promotion was that shoppers would have the chance to become a human skill tester whereby they would be strapped in to the Santa Claws machine and winched up to a second story height and gently lowered down to a sea of giant branded beach balls.

The giant beach balls had unique prizes attached to them and the shopper would grab one of the giant beach balls and be winched back to safety to then claim their prize.

The lucky shopper also received the giant The District Docklands beach ball as a great brand reminder of their experience.

What the client said

“The District Docklands team absolutely loved the giant beach balls that were supplied by YAY! Promos.

The giant beach balls were an absolute critical component of the Santa Claws attraction as they drew attention, had huge branding exposure and allowed us to attach prizes.

It also ensured that the lucky shoppers who had a chance to ride the machine, felt safe when being lowered down on to the inflatable giant beach balls.

The giant beach balls were light weight enough for any age group to grab them in the machine and it gave The District Docklands great exposure on social media.

Thank you YAY! Promos for supplying a great promotional product that was critical to the success of our campaign.”

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