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Above we showcase just some of the many Drinkware products we can supply branded with your logo.

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Promotional Drinkware (coffee mugs, drink bottles protein shakers, coffee cups)

Looking for some promotional drinkware to quench your marketing thirst? Look no further than YAY! Promos collection of drinkware products to brand and market your company. Customise your designs to best represent your brand.

Did you know 78% of consumers own promotional drinkware? That shows that the majority of people are open to receiving and using product branded coffee mugs and drink bottles. This also shows that there is a demand and need for promotional drinkware.

YAY! Promos has a range of excellent, high-quality promotional drinkware products that can be branded with your company’s logo.

YAY! Promos promotional drinkware (coffee mugs, drink bottles protein shakers, coffee cups)

Below are a few of our popular promotional drinkware products that our clients love.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are a great promotional product because everyone at some point in their lives, whether it be at work or at home thought that they need to get themselves a mug. In fact, I’m sure when most people look at their collection of mugs that there would be several displaying various business names and brands.

Drink bottles

Drink bottles are a great promotional product because they are often carried around with people, whether it’s to the gym or to work so people will notice it. They’re also durable so people can reuse it.

Coffee cups

Reusable coffee cups have become a very popular marketing choice because a lot of people drink coffee in the morning but it’s wasteful to use the takeaway cups that cafes supply on a daily basis. These reusable coffee cups are a great way to get your brand out to people especially as most people are travelling with them in their hand as they head off to work.

What are the best ways to use promotional drinkware?

Onboarding new staff

There’s no better way to promote your brand and give new staff a great impression of your company than by giving them a gift bag filled with promotional products including drinkware. It’s a nice way of welcoming them to their new job and they’ll be excited to start their new job so will be happy to promote it. Before you know it they’ll be using their new gift around the office, at the gym or when running errands.

Giveaway for prospective clients

A gift can go a long way especially if you’ve made the effort to make it look nice. Whatever your promotional product may be, wrap it in cellophane, tie it up with a cute ribbon and it’ll be a lovely present that can sit on a potential client’s desk. Not only will they think of you every time they see it but it could lead to new work.

Thanking a client

It’s important to maintain relationships with clients, so using promotional drinkware to say thanks is a great way to do that. You could send them wine glasses with your company’s logo etched on them with a bottle of wine to go with it. A nice gesture like this at Christmas or after the completion of a project can keep them happy and loyal to your business.

Trade expo opportunities

It’s great to hand out pens and notepads at expos but why not expand by branching out to drinkware? You can even fill the drinkware with other promo items, such as lollies or other snacks. You could even create a competition where people have to guess how many lollies are in the promo mug with the prize being the promotional mug with the lollies inside it.