When it comes to corporate clothing, there’s nothing like standing by your name.

Promoting your business at every opportunity makes good business sense. This can extend to what your employees wear with everything from corporate shirts, branded jackets or even branded t-shirts.

That’s the power of promotional merchandise. It’s the perfect way to make your name top of mind and take everyday staff clothing to a new level.

Who you are and what you offer goes hand in hand with the look and style of your staff clothing. Why would you waste the chance to make the most of your name and instil a stronger brand identity?

The boost to staff morale from what they wear

One of the key elements of any successful business is the buy-in to the company from its staff.


Polo - Sonar

A sense of worth and sense of belonging are often ignored when it comes to staff morale. The idea that you will get the best output from an employee just from the salary you pay has been proven wrong time and time again.

Being valued for your work and feeling like you are part of a team is a much higher priority than the simple pay packet.

That’s where staff uniforms and branded corporate clothing play a key role.

It is easier to have pride in the company and your position in it when you feel you are part of the bigger picture, no matter where you are in the hierarchy.

There is the advantage of adding a sense of camaraderie when people see their workmates as teammates. People are more likely to go the extra mile for someone that they feel an affinity with and having the belief that we are ‘all in this together’ fosters stronger staff morale.

The benefits to better customer service

Another benefit of branded clothing such as stylish corporate jackets or branded business shirts is that they are instantly recognisable.

There is nothing more frustrating to both an existing or potential customer than not being able to work out who is an employee especially when they need assistance.

It does not necessarily need to be a full uniform to be identifiable. Even something as subtle as a logo or the business name on the clothing adds that special branded element people need.

Seeing that branded look a second, third or multiple times becomes a familiar signal that customer associates with being looked after and valued. There is a reassurance that comes in dealing with a clearly recognised team rather than a hotchpotch of individuals.

That recognition can strengthen the idea of engaging with a smoothly run and cohesive business. This in turn promotes stronger customer loyalty.

Dressing for success

A well-dressed team is more likely to make a favourable impression on customers.

Despite the notion that looks don’t matter, a stylish branded outfit or well-made uniform is more appealing.

In this day and age where dress codes have fallen by the wayside, corporate clothing has seen a resurgence with comfort and style being a top priority.

Branded clothing is now seen in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Health
  • Government agencies
  • Finance
  • HospitalityHi Vis - Polo's
  • Education
  • Logistics

With the right branded clothing, each employee is playing their part in promoting the company and themselves as a professional.

A poorly dressed employee is actually working against the image of the company and can conjure up the idea that the business is disjointed, unreliable and doesn’t care for their staff. That is a negative outlook that can be hard to turn around.

That’s exactly why well-made branded clothing makes all the difference as a positive marketing tool.

What your brand can stay with style

Whichever industry you are in, there is a great potential to add to your brand’s recognition with the right clothing.

Whether it’s branded shirts, jackets, uniforms or specially printed tops or t-shirts, you have a great opportunity to advertise who you are and what you do.

Even a café who utilises their name or logo with branded aprons will be better remembered alongside the good atmosphere or tasty food. In fact, the branded clothing and the positive experience combine to reinforce the recall of the business.

This extends to a multitude of different enterprises across almost any field of industry.

Ensuring you are sourcing high quality uniforms from your branded uniform supplier will ensure durability and great execution.

For a stronger branding, broader advertising, more cohesive team and better staff morale, it makes sense to choose quality corporate clothing for your business. Isn’t it time to get your name out there?