The top promotional products in Australia offer more than a top branding exercise, they work brilliantly as a promo idea for staff coming back to the office.

What better way to boost morale and welcome back to the office those staff who have been away? That absence was rarely by choice and over the last few years, there has been a disconnect from being in the office or workplace actually face to face.

Gift Set - Voyager

Your brand is not just a fancy logo or a great slogan. Your brand is a living thing that is made up of the people you choose to be part of your team. 

Being away from the office can make that team feel a little disjointed and awkward at first, having ideas for an ice-breaker and reconnection is great for staff and the business.

Ideas for staff heading back to work

There are a number of things you can do to welcome your team back into the office.

It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone will be comfortable when they first walk in the front door again. This is why these handy tips and ideas can make all the difference. The list includes;

  • A welcome with the presentation of different staff gifts
  • A casual catch-up where a morning breakfast or morning tea is provided 
  • A formal meet and greet where both old and new staff are introduced
  • A fun or leisure activity is introduced to break the ice and help staff work in teams

The welcoming back could be done on an individual level so that each staff member gets their own welcome back and is presented with a gift. This can make their return a more personal event and the gift is a symbol of that one on one care and attention.

Giving the whole team a chance to socialise and reacquaint without a strict deadline shows that management understands the importance of being together, working together and rebuilding the connection between staff. Having the added talking point of gifts can reinforce the recognition that the changes in the wider world have not affected the company’s commitment to their employees. 

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Returning to full service

As staff return to the office and business takes another step towards normal operations, it is also time to resume the efforts of customer service. 

This is where reconnecting with your valued clients is a top priority. They too could have their own staff returning to the workplace and are beginning to reset for the future.

There is no better time than now to remind them that they are a valued client and to offer your services in any way that can help them get back on their feet. A delivery of client gifts is a powerful and poignant way to show that you are more interested in simple dollars and cents when it comes to your customers.

It gives your clients the perfect chance to ring or send a note of thanks and allows you both to restart your relationship in a positive way.

Why branded gifts are more than just a gift

It’s sometimes easy to think that promotional products and branded corporate gifts are not very personal. That all comes down to the way they are presented.

Some companies make the mistake of simply sending someone some of their promo products as a gift without a card or note to say why they are doing it.

This is when a personal note (especially a hand-written one) can show that you have taken the time to put something of yourself into the gift. It helps if that branded or promotional item is tailored to their taste. 

A wine glass set, cooler bag, picnic pack or beach flip flops can each show that you know something special about that wine connoisseur, picnicker, beach lover or outdoorsy type. The added bonus is that they will remember you and your brand when they go about their time outside of business hours. That’s when that personal note is the icing on the cake.

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A branded gift that keeps giving

As with any gift, one that is quality made and lasts more than a day has a lasting effect on the receiver.

Giving staff who return to the office a special gift and some extra time to get back into the swing of things is going to be something that they remember.

Presenting your clients with the best in corporate gifts or branded items is another way to keep that relationship strong and works towards making it a longstanding one.

Of all the promotional products and gifts on the market, it makes sense to have high quality Australian made ones working for you. It shows that your business is one of that same quality and will be around for years to come. 

With a welcome back to your staff and clients, you have a great opportunity to show what your business is all about.