Long Handle Calico BagsGetting and keeping your brand name out there can be tricky but that’s where promotional bags do their best work.

Too many branded items are thrown away, forgotten in desks, drawers or somewhere that no-one will see them. This means that your brand is out of sight and out of mind. It can also mean that you have wasted valuable time and money on advertising your name in a way that doesn’t last.

You need a long-life solution to your branding and promotional items.

There is no better way to have your name front and centre while keeping it in constant view than using the marketing power of branded promotional bags.

Conference_BagsHaving your brand work every day

It might seem almost impossible to keep your brand visible every day. That can be done with special items, but there is a list of well-used and very powerful branded merchandise that can showcase your name and your motto or slogan.

This is where bags carry a world of wonderful branding opportunities. The items can range from simple to more elaborate, including:

  • Branded tote bags
  • Showbags
  • Swagbags
  • Branded backpacks
  • Branded sports bags
  • and even specialised items like branded cooler bags

All of these are handy for the user and offer a wealth of opportunities to have your company name out there. It’s almost like a personalised billboard that is one of the most ingenious ways to promote your brand. All these types of bags are being carried through different areas of the community, including public transport, city and inner urban streets, office buildings and even being taken out on weekends. That is a continual and effective promotion regime that is hard to beat.

Branded showbags are a great way to show that your company has a fun loving and generous side to your business. Sports bags, backpacks and wine bags can give an extra edge to your promotional style while adding personality to your brand.

The other advantage with branded bags is that your name is associated with something useful and uses a subtle approach to its advertising power.

Carrying your brand name further

The beauty of having promotional bags is that your brand name is carried further than almost any other kind of marketing endeavour.

People are more than happy to carry your name (and even your logo and brand motto) around as they go about their everyday lives.

This is one of the most effective streams of advertising and is significantly less expensive than traditional media or online marketing campaigns. At the same time, the promotional items can also be used in tandem with a scheduled campaign and give added life to any promotion you have made. This carries on long after any billboards, print, TV or online advertising has had its day.

Staying top of mind with your target market is much easier and more effective with a longer lasting marketing strand and that is exactly what you get with the variety of promotional bags.

Lanza Coloured Jute Tote BagsMaking the most of your brand promotion

When it comes to your brand and the way you promote yourself, it is crucial that you have quality made promotional products that reflect the standard of your brand and what you offer.

Poorly made and badly sourced material can have your name associated with something substandard. Rather than showing your company in the best light, you are detracting from the good work you do.

That’s why it is important to use promotional products that are well-made, ethically sourced and have the ability to showcase your brand as the best in the business.

Having a large range of promotional options available including eco-friendly selections means you can choose one or a number of ways to market your name.

High quality promo products are powerful marketing tools. Having a team that can devise and design a creative strategy that is specific to your business is a great asset.

That’s why it pays to talk to the experts at Yay! Promos.

You have everything from the best in Corporate and Christmas Gifts to Conference, Trade Show, Tech, Clothing, Leisure, Stationery and Drinkware ready to promote your brand.

With a world of wonderful choices available, there’s no better time to get your name out there.