When it comes to doing better business and making a better connection, you can make life sweeter with the right confectionery.

What better way to be remembered than for making someone’s day that better and brighter with something sweet? This is just one reason that corporate confectionery is such a simple but effective way to get your name remembered.

It is a clever use of marketing to have your very own branded confectionery sent to your valued clients and partners as a simple Thank You gift or just as a reminder that you are thinking of them.

It is a quick and easy method of keeping your brand ‘top of mind’.

Spreading the word and the smiles

Chocolate - Toblerone It’s often a hard slog to keep business going strong and building a better future for your enterprise.

Most of the time, we are all in the same boat in dealing with a mix of economic or everyday concerns. That’s exactly why a simple gift of promotional confectionery can stand out.

Suddenly, all the hassles and headaches of the day take a break when someone reaches in and rewards themselves with a choice of your corporate lollies.

It doesn’t take long before other colleagues are asking ‘Where did you get that?’ and are in on the fun of enjoying something sweet from your efforts. That’s when your name is being spread around with the smiles of staff. The fact that you have brought a little bit of sunshine into the day is not quickly forgotten.

There’s a whole mountain of evidence that small goodwill gestures go a long way to building trust, recall, and positive recognition with a brand.

The beauty is that is can all be done with a minimum of fuss or expense.

Australian Made - Chocolate Coffee Beans

The clear example of clear advantage in business

In today’s world, there is nothing more difficult than making your brand stand out from the crowd.

It is a relentlessly high-paced and often crowded marketplace at the best of times. The constant bombardment of marketing from both recognised and unknown sources can cloud the mind.

Let’s then take a quick look at two competitors who are vying for the business of an already established client.

There are different approaches to how to make a stronger connection and win a loyal partnership.

Company A tries the tactics of:

  • Constant email, phone calls, and checking in
  • A few different offers
  • Prompts and reminders that those special deals are coming to an end
  • Sending a promotional brochure and business outline

Without putting too much of a negative spin on this approach, it is clear to see that these tactics may be well planned and well-intentioned. The problem is that they can become more of a nuisance and be thought of as pestering the client.

With Company B, there is a more casual approach that includes:

  • There are no direct requests for business as in Company A – just an email to say a gift is on its way
  • Instead of sending promotional brochures, the client is sent custom confectionery
  • Along with the gift of branded corporate gifts in the form of mints or lollies, a card to say ‘thanks for working with us’
  • Then there is a follow-up to check that the gift was safely delivered

The beauty of the second approach is that the onus is on the client to respond with a thank you of some kind and this opens the conversation to discuss helping each other work together again.

A token of staff appreciation

It is more important than ever to make your staff feel valued and appreciated for their work.

This is where staff confectionery gifts can go a long way to making a difference to their sense of belonging.

Showing that you value the hard work put into a particular project or rewarding the whole staff or an individual department can be a strong boost to morale.

Australian Made - Choc Beans

It could even be a gentle reminder to those working off-site that their input is much appreciated when they are sent a gift of work from home confectionery. Whilst they are not physically there at the workplace, you are illustrating that they are still an important part of the team.

Confectionery is a simple way to send a strong and effective message as a branded gift.

Whether it is a gift to business partners and associates, your own staff, or a simple add-on like a confectionery gift with purchase, you can

make sure your brand is remembered for making life that little bit sweeter.